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Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of red seaweeds (Eucheuma Cottonii). Eucheuma are naturally found within range of 20 degrees either side of the Equator in Indo-Pacific region and most concentrated in Southeast Asia.


As Eucheuma Cottonii are some of the most common and fastest growing species of seaweeds, their commercial aspects are visible by large quantities grown and harvested over short periods of time, possessing the ability to reach ten times their mass in some 45 to 50 days in warm tropical Indonesia settings.


Clean water is an essential requirement for the washing and the controlling of pH balance. Cleaned seaweed treated with alkali solvent to extract carrageenan. Treatment done several times to reach low impurity and high strength gel to product premium quality carrageenan.


Treated seaweed dried high above ground for air circulation to accelerate the drying process. Mechanical dryers also installed in our current facility for our Foodgrade Product. All process from Alkali treatment to packaging go through a stringent procedure to accomodate the global standards required by our customers.