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Food Industry

Vegan substitute for fat. Maintains meat tenderness, juiciness and texture. Increase sauce viscosity

Beverage Industry

Enhance texture and suspend flavours in diet soda. Thicken soy milk, almond milk, and other vegan beverage

Personal Care Industry

Thickener for shampoo and cosmetic gel. Binder, bodying and form stabilization for toothpaste

Pharmaceutical Industry

Long-term stabilizer, bulking up solid formulations that contain potent active ingredients in pills and tablet

Pet Food Industry

Effectively binds meat with other ingredients. Keep moisture uniformly in canned pet food

Marbling Industry

In paper and fabric marbling, which to float paints or inks. The paper or fabric is then laid on it, absorbing the colours

Our Premium Carrageenan

Red Seaweed (Eucheuma Cottonii) is natural coral algae and contains high nutritional value. It contains hydrocolloid compound named Carrageenan that knows for its strong binding to food proteins.

Algaemas have been producing Alkali Treated Cottonii Chips as high concentration carrageenan for decades and empowering many products in various type of industry over Asia, Europe, and South America

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